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Please review our list of FAQs below to address any questions you may have. If you still can’t find the answer you are looking for please email us and we will be more than happy to help.

Your Getting Started Questions
What should I do first after I activate my ReadyWhen account?

The best way to start building your ReadyWhen Estate is by reviewing all the categories and sections to understand the information you will need to gather. Next, identify which documents you have in electronic format and which ones you don’t have, or only have as physical copies. We recommend you save the electronic documents you have on hand in one easily accessible folder on your computer. For any items that need to be scanned into electronic versions, you can either use a scanner, or you can use a scanning app for your smartphone. If using the latter, you can send the documents via email and download them on your computer, for example.

How do I start creating my ReadyWhen account?

You can get started by reviewing all the categories within ReadyWhen and determine what information you already have. Once you have identified that information, begin to input or upload that information to your account. Next, we recommend that you build your Team: start with selecting your Executor first (most important), followed by your Legal and Financial Professionals, as well as your family and friends. Find out more here.

What is ReadyWhen Pro, and what’s the difference between that and a ReadyWhen Lite account?

There are two account types available to you. ReadyWhen Lite is a free version; which enables you to enter two pieces of information in the Legal or Asset categories – and store them securely for life. The second account type is ReadyWhen Pro – this is a paid subscription that allows you to access all of the many features in the platform. For example, you can add more information about your Estate, create your Team, complete other categories, etc..

Who can be a part of my ReadyWhen Team?

As the owner of the account, you can add anyone you choose to be a part of your Team. However, it is our recommendation that you consider adding an executor, your spouse/partner, your family and friends, and any legal or financial professionals you work with, so they can all access the relevant information when they need it. By adding Team members earlier in the process, they will not only have access to information that will help them later, but also to educational content to help prepare them for when the time comes. Learn more here.

Can people on my Team login to my ReadyWhen account?

No, they can not. When you assign someone to your Team, they are sent an email to register with their own username and password. Your login information is never shared by ReadyWhen with anyone. We also strongly recommend that you do not share your password with anyone else either – as a best practice for security purposes. We have set all the necessary security parameters within ReadyWhen, for when Team members need to access the relevant sections of your Estate plan, based on the permissions you will grant them. To learn more about the ReadyWhen Team feature, please take a look at the Team Blog

Can I contact ReadyWhen for assistance?

Yes you can and we would love to hear from you! Our support resources are available to all ReadyWhen users. You can email us, call us (or ask us to call you, if you’d prefer), or simply send us a message right from the web, anytime. See Support for details.

Your Legal Questions
Which items in my ReadyWhen account can be used for legal purposes?

The documents and information we guide you to store within your ReadyWhen account are what is needed to complete the probate process. While you can’t submit a ReadyWhen account to probate directly, all the documents and information stored in your account is what your executor will need to complete the probate process and close out your estate. Documents stored in the Legal section such as your Will and your Power of Attorney, along with your Health Directives, can be used legally, depending on Provincial laws. Please work with a legal professional to see what you can and can not use. Documentation and information stored in the Asset section may also be eligible for use in legal proceedings.

Why do I need to create a Will?

You need to create a will so that you can ensure your estate is divided, according to your wishes, amongst your beneficiaries after your demise. If you do not create a will, the Civil courts (not your loved ones) will decide how your estate will be disbursed. You can read more information about why you need a will here.  

What is the difference between a Will and a Power of Attorney?

A will is intended to ensure your wishes about your estate are fulfilled after your passing, whereas a power of attorney is intended to protect your needs while you are alive. You can read more information about a power of attorney here.

Can the electronic version of my Will stored in ReadyWhen be used for probate?

Under current legislation, no Canadian province allows for the electronic version of your will to be used for probate purposes. Through ReadyWhen, your executor or family can easily access the electronic version of your will, as well as locate the physical document.

What does an executor do?

An executor is a person or institution appointed by a testator (i.e. the person who has made the will) to carry out the terms of their will. An executor has the authority from the probate court to manage the affairs of the estate.

Why is it important to name an executor?

An executor plays a critical role when you pass on. Essentially, it is their responsibility to make sure your last wishes contained in your will are carried out, as you defined them, regarding your estate. They take the lead role in communicating with legal professionals, government bodies, financial institutions, creditors, and beneficiaries. This can be a professional (e.g. your lawyer or notary public), or  – like most people choose, either a family member or a trusted friend. We have provided many tools for an executor to educate themselves on what is required of them (add link).

What exactly is probate?

Probate is the court process that grants the authority for your executor to represent your estate. Once the authority has been granted by the court, the executor will carry out the wishes contained within your will.

When the time comes, can my Estate be probated directly from my ReadyWhen account?

No, it can not. The information within ReadyWhen will be used to complete the probate forms. These forms will still need to be submitted by your executor to the courts. Your executor may want to seek legal advice when completing probate.

What can members of my ReadyWhen Team do within my account?

Anyone on your Team can view your documents, based on the access you choose to give. By design, no one added to your Team can alter, upload, or delete any information/documentation; with two exceptions. Any Professional you designate on your Team can add information, or upload documents, but only within their relevant section, (i.e. your lawyer or notary can only do this within the Legal & Asset section, and your accountant can only do so within the Asset section). To learn more about the ReadyWhen Team feature, please click here.

Does information on ReadyWhen ever get deleted?

All information uploaded into the Legal section will never be deleted – only archived. Other documents & information can be deleted by the owner of the account, or by other Team members based on their permissions.

Your General Questions
Should I share my ReadyWhen username and password with anyone?

No. ReadyWhen strongly recommends users follow general IT security best practices and not share their username and password with anyone else.

Why would I want to give a Team member access to my ReadyWhen account?

A vast majority of Canadians do not create a full estate plan that includes all the information required when someone passes away. Once you have created your entire estate plan, it is quite useless – unless you share with your executor and loved ones. You can read more information about the advantages of the ReadyWhen Team feature here

Why do I need a ReadyWhen Pro account?

ReadyWhen Pro allows you to access all of the ReadyWhen features, and access to all of the additional document categories needed to complete your Estate plan.

Can I open a ReadyWhen account on behalf of an elderly family member?

Yes, you can and it is a good idea to do so – provided of course you have their informed consent! You can absolutely sign up your parents, grandparents, or other elderly family members, and as long as you have access and consent, you can upload documentation and information (including prescriptions) to their ReadyWhen account. You can also help them add people to their Team; (i.e. their Executor, their family, friends and Legal or Financial Professionals), or do so on their behalf  

How long should it take me to complete my Estate plan?

Estate planning is a marathon; not a sprint. Depending on what stage you are at in your life, it can take months or even years to finalize your estate plan. However the difference between doing it on your own and using ReadyWhen, is that we provide you with step by step guidance through the entire process, so you are always fully supported by our knowledgeable expertise. 

If I don’t have a legal or financial professional to help me, what should I do?

If you don’t have a legal or a financial professional already working with you for your estate planning needs, please contact us. We would be happy to help connect you to an appropriate resource. 

Should I store my personal information within ReadyWhen? If so, what can I save?

Yes. In addition to storing all the legal and financial documentation required to process your Estate through probate, you can and should store any additional pieces of personal information that you feel are important for your family and loved ones to have, once you have passed on.

If I have a document that doesn’t seem to fit in a specific place, what should I do?

If you have a document you would like to store in your account, and you don’t know where it would belong, you can either, contact ReadyWhen support for help, or place it in the Personal Information section

How do you use ReadyWhen if you are a legal or financial professional?

If you are a professional (e.g. a lawyer, a notary public, or an accountant, etc.) there are a few things you can do:

  1. Sign up on our business page, so your email address and business name are in our platform. If you are subsequently added as part of a Team, you simply need to validate the invite from the account owner via your email.
  2. Ensure you know and understand the overall functionality of ReadyWhen. You can schedule a demo, or request some collateral by emailing
  3. Sign up as a user yourself!
How do I ensure my progress is being saved?

Your progress is only saved when you hit “Save” within any section in ReadyWhen. 

We do not automatically save information so please do keep that in mind as you enter and store information in your Estate plan.

Should I share my ReadyWhen username and password with anyone?

 No, ReadyWhen strongly recommends users follow IT security best practices and never share their usernames and passwords with anyone else.

Your Pricing Questions
Is it really free for life?

Yes, 100%! By signing up for free to ReadyWhen Lite, you can securely store up to two documents in either the Legal or Asset category, for life! However, if you want to access any of our other features, (e.g. create a Team, add additional documents, or access any other section), you will need to upgrade to ReadyWhen Pro.

How much does ReadyWhen Pro cost, and what do I get?

ReadyWhen Pro is priced as follows:

  1. $5 per month, billed monthly
  2. $50 per year, billed annually
  3. $500 for a  lifetime subscription, billed once *

* Please note this option is an introductory offer, and available for a limited time only. The lifetime subscription option may no longer be available at this price, past the introductory period. With a ReadyWhen Pro subscription, you get access to the entire product, including:

  • the ability to upload unlimited documents,
  • the ability to add unlimited Team members,
  • full access to all sections,
  • as well as all future product updates


Is there an option to pay for life?

Yes. For a limited time, you can obtain a lifetime membership that provides you complete access to ReadyWhen Pro, for a one time payment of $500.

Is there a different price for when I complete my Estate plan, and just want to store it on ReadyWhen?

We are considering a pricing option, whereby a ReadyWhen Pro account can move to a different status (and associated price point), once their Estate plan is at a mature point and they will likely only make a few (if any) changes per year. As of right now that feature is in development, and we will inform all users via email once that is available.

Can I downgrade from ReadyWhen Pro to just a ReadyWhen Lite account?

Yes, of course! You can switch anytime from a ReadyWhen Pro account to a free ReadyWhen Lite account by contacting our support team.