Making the Estate planning process smarter, faster and easier

Preparation is a necessity of life. That’s why we built ReadyWhen; to ensure that when the inevitable happens, you and your loved ones are ready.

Starting a company in the midst of a pandemic was not an easy decision. There were a lot of things to consider; our families’ well being, loss of income, and job security. However, at the end of the day we all felt that this solution can help people plan for their future and ease their pain when life hits them the hardest. We were all in.

That’s why we built ReadyWhen, a secure digital platform that makes Estate planning simple, secure, and fast. Built by industry experts, you can proactively build and manage your Estate so it can be accessed by your loved ones when it’s needed the most. 

The Estate industry is built upon traditional processes and reliant on the “binder”. The evolution to digital has been slow but laws are coming to fruition to change that. With recent world events, it’s abundantly clear that new solutions need to be introduced in order to meet both consumer and industry demands. We hope to help spur that change. 

If you are interested in learning more or want to join the ReadyWhen team, send us a quick note.

Meet the Team

Jessie Vaid

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

By leveraging Jessie’s many years of experience, network and his subject matter expertise, Jessie Vaid is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at ReadyWhen. With over 15+ years of experience running his own Notary practice and creating thousands of Estate planning documents, he is a subject matter expert when it comes to Estate planning. Since being commissioned in 2004 as a Notary, he has been active within the professional community and influential in ensuring the highest quality of service is made available to the public.  He has been a director of the Society of Notaries Public of BC since 2009.   

Sachin Bhalla

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer 

Sachin Bhalla is the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at ReadyWhen. With over 15+ years of experience in the marketing/advertising industry, he has worked with iconic brands such as Apple, Rogers, Campbell’s, VISA, and others before moving into the tech sector. This is when he joined an automotive scale-up that grew to over 800 employees in just three years and ultimately got acquired by a fortune 1000 US based company.  

Roohshan Divecha

Chief Operating Officer

Roohshan is the Chief Operating Officer at ReadyWhen and is responsible for the entire customer life cycle, post sales. He is a senior software technology executive with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. Obsessively customer centric in his focus, he is highly skilled in building, managing, and growing high performing customer delivery and services teams for SaaS companies.

Gavin Heer

Chief Technology Officer

Gavin Heer is the Chief Technology Officer at ReadyWhen. An industry veteran, he brings over 15+ years of expertise in designing and building large-scale SAAS and internet applications. Gavin’s focus will be on leading the the technical/product direction and development at ReadyWhen.

Geng Gao

Senior Software Developer

Geng Gao is a Senior Software Developer responsible for building the core ReadyWhen web product. With 13+ years of experience designing and developing high quality web applications, Geng has led teams of developers focused on building large scale cloud-based enterprise applications. With a passion and a detailed eye for enhanced user experience, he is working to ensure that ReadyWhen is truly simple, secure, and fast.

Aleksandra Petryga

Aleksandra Petryga

Software Engineer

Aleksandra Petryga is a Software Engineer at ReadyWhen. With a strong passion for technology and building accessible web applications, she is a unique developer as she speaks both code and people (as a former HR professional). With such a diverse background she is a huge asset for ReadyWhen’s growing engineering team.

Sahar Hosseini

Senior Product Designer
Sahar Hosseini is the Senior Product Designer at ReadyWhen. She brings over 15+ years of experience helping companies build products that improve the users end-to-end experience through design and usability. Sahar strives to create products that inspire and have a positive impact on the world and people’s lives.

Riley Laliberte

Market Sales Director

Riley LaLiberte is the Market Sales Director for ReadyWhen. With 12+ years of business development experience with legal and financial professionals across Canada, he brings an unparalleled wealth of knowledge to the ReadyWhen sales team. He is leading the sales and business development.

Rick Evans

Senior Advisor

Rick Evans is a Senior Advisor at ReadyWhen. As a retired Notary with 45+ years of experience; he has spent 22 years focused on estate planning and was a 2 term President for the Notaries Society. In addition, he also spent 10 years as the Education Coordinator for the Society, teaching many of the practicing Notaries in BC. With his tenured background, he will provide guidance and subject matter expertise at the highest level, ensuring all information and user journeys on ReadyWhen are flawless. 

Amit Khullar

Business Development Manager

Amit Khullar is a Business Development Manager at ReadyWhen. With a focus on the Ontario region, he brings 10+ years of sales experience along with 4+ years of technical product expertise to the sales team. Priding himself on excellent customer service, he is never one to shy away from going above and beyond for a customer. 

Vini Mauro

Vinicius Mauro

Marketing Director 

Vini Mauro is the Marketing Director at ReadyWhen. He has spent his career working as an ad sales executive and as a media professional for companies such as Google and Wunderman Thompson. With over 16 years of experience in communication strategy, online/offline campaign management and revenue growth, he brings a sought after talent base to our marketing department.

Mishan Vaid

Mishan Vaid

Operations Lead

Mishan Vaid is an Operations Lead at ReadyWhen. Having spent 5 years as a Client Associate at Merrill Lynch and a considerable amount of time drafting estate planning documents at a family Notary practice, she will play an instrumental role in ensuring the operations across multiple facets at ReadyWhen run smoothly and efficiently.