A simple, secure, and fast process that will help all Canadians plan ahead and protect their loved ones
  • Over 10M+ Canadians don’t have an Estate plan in place, and 60% of those that have started to build one have not shared that vital information with loved ones
  • Canadians now have access to a digital solution that guides them through the entire Estate planning process from their laptop or mobile device
  • ReadyWhen has already begun to sign up enterprise clients, such as Schill Insurance 


Vancouver, B.C., March 24, 2021 – Today, ReadyWhen announces the availability of its digital Estate planning platform to individuals and professionals across Canada. ReadyWhen provides a simple, secure, and fast way to proactively build and store a complete Estate plan from your laptop or mobile device. 


ReadyWhen was created to address the costly and timely process needed to plan and settle an Estate. Canadians now have access to a digital solution that guides them through a step-by-step process to easily identify and store the right information so loved ones will be protected should the inevitable happen.


For firms and professionals (legal, financial, or insurance), ReadyWhen offers a solution rich in data that drives ROI by enabling you to track your client’s Estate planning progress. With ReadyWhen, you can:

  • Access your clients’ documents and information in a central, secure location
  • Add value for your clients by offering an easy-to-use digital solution that creates retention
  • Easily upload information and leverage the frictionless tools to make data capture fast and efficient 
  • Receive notifications when you become part of your clients “Team” so you can track progress


ReadyWhen has already partnered with B.C. based Schill Insurance: “ReadyWhen provides a platform for Canadians to ensure their legacy is secure and accessible, while providing us with a tool to track progress and better serve our customers as they create an Estate plan,” says Al Schill, President, Schill Insurance. “We have made a promise to protect our customers beyond insurance, and with ReadyWhen we can now offer a unique and accessible digital solution to help our clients plan for a more secure future.”


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